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“Bravery isn’t fleeing. It’s kissing the teeth of something you know could eat you in an instant.”

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Title: The Suburbs
Artist: Arcade Fire
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The Suburbs - Arcade Fire


Café Kiss, by Ron Hicks

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September Cover Star Idris Elba


we are not each other’s most beloved person
we are not afraid of losing anything

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Belgian artist Sammy Slabbinck’s surreal collage art juxtaposes vintage photographs with contemporary composition styles to challenge traditional states of mind.

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Ashley Moore photo by Aris Jerome


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The Heavy Metal of Marilyn Minter (on Artsy)

In visceral and gaudy paintings, photographs, and video works, Marilyn Minter examines the relationship between the body, cultural anxieties about sexuality and desire, and fashion imagery. Minter is best known for glossy, hyperrealistic paintings in enamel on metal that depict closeups of makeup-laden lips, eyes, and feet—a liquid-dripping gold-toothed smile or a pair of glistening high heels splashing in metallic fluid. Strut (2004–5) portrays a muddied foot in a gem-encrusted high heel. Minter also photographs body parts seen through panes of wet glass, captured from characteristically dynamic and provocative angles that suggest the seductive, disturbing nature of glamour.

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A$AP Rocky & Chanel Iman for Vogue September 2014

the poses are so strategic you can’t see their huge height gap I live

“What I want to say, querido, is
hunger is not romantic to the hungry.
What I want to say is
fear is not thrilling if you’re the one afraid.
What I want to say is
poverty’s not quaint when it’s your house you can’t escape from.
Decay’s not beautiful to the decayed.”

— from “Still Life with Potatoes, Pearls, Raw Meat, Rhinestones, Lard, and Horse Hooves” by Sandra Cisneros, Loose Woman (via limb-of-satan)

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